Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Reached $5 in my account

Hi there!

Today I have a little over $5 in my TrafficGoesRevShare account. I was expecting a bit more: seems like earnings have slowed down a bit. I could purchase a new share now with the earnings but I think I will wait to reach $10 to request my first payout ;)
I've also received an update from the admins:
Hello Juan,

It is hard to believe that it has already been one week since TGRS launched.

What an incredible week.

1718 Members joined us and we are so glad you did. Welcome to everyone.

Our Alexa rankings went through the roof!
Taffic Rank: 326,728
Traffic Rank in US: 68,459
Thanks to all our members for getting the word out.

That’s a lot of traffic and a great way to get your banners, text ads and login ads noticed.

I am happy to say that pending withdrawals are on track and are well within a 24 hour window. Yes, everyone is getting paid at TGRS!

Our members are talking to us and we are listening. You asked for more and we are making it happen.

So in honor of our one week anniversary on Wednesday at 8am EST we are increasing the number of VAP’s you can buy from 100 to 200.

You can make a new purchase or you can use your unpaid balance. Either way this is your chance to stock up on ads and grow your earning potential.

Karen and I want to say to all of you…

“It’s been a great week and we thank you for your support.”

Have a great day,

Brian and Karen

Monday, June 17, 2013

A little over a Dollar per day

Hi there friends!

Today ismy fith day in TrafficGoesRevShare and I'm quite happy with how this passive opportunity is performing. You know I spend $20 in shares when I joined and currently I'm earning about one Dollar per day... or a bit more :P Not bad at all!

I also received a new update tday from the admins:
Hello Juan,

We had a great weekend. I hope you did too.

We are at over 1500 members now. That really shows me our members support us and are out there talking us up.

Purchase transactions continue to stay on track and well within our 12 hour time frame. Support tickets are pretty much caught up too. Again if you haven’t had a reply to a support ticket you will hear from us shortly.

Good news!

Withdrawals are being caught up nicely. We have more staff trained to process withdrawals and this is getting us caught up nicely. We are well under 48 hours and fast approaching 24. It will only get better from here.

Don’t forget. On Wednesday 19th we are going to raise the maximum number of Value Ad Packages you can buy from 100 to 200.

This is your chance to get positioned to increase your earning potential. Do it before Wednesday!

Look. We know there’s competition out there.

That’s a good thing. You should never put all your eggs in one basket.

We aren’t the first…
We won’t be the last…
We may not be the biggest and…
We may not be the best…
But we are here to stay… and you will be glad you stayed with us. There are great things coming for all our TGRS members.

Have a great day,

Brian and Karen
I don't understant the reason why they are going to increase the maximum amount of shares you can have from 100 to 200... probably some big money makers are doing some presure to get faster returns. I only hope this is not going to be bad for us small account holders.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day four in Traffic Goes Rev Share

Hi friends!

Yesterday I was offline all day long so no way to update you on my stats in TrafficGoesRevShare opportunity. Here is what I found when logging into my account:
You can see that in three days, my active positions have generated 17.6% of what I've put into it :) Not Bad! And this will increase till the end of the day.
I will check back tomorrow to see how this is developing.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Day two in TrafficGoesRevShare

Hi there!

Today is my second day in TrafficGoesRevShare and just wanted to share with you my current account status:
I purchased four packages yesterday morning which took a few hours to get activated. Those packages started earning yesterday late afternoon and today early morning this is what I have earned for far:
Not too bad, huh? ;)

We also got an email from the TGRS admins. Here it goes:
Hello Juan,

Just 3 days out of the gate and we are already at 1000 members. Thank you to everyone for getting the word out about TGRS.

When we were processing withdrawals today we realized that there is a discrepancy in some member’s accounts. The Total Amount Earned does not reflect actual earnings. The actual amount of earnings in each account is correct. If you check your Total Profit From Shares and your Referral Bonus Earned you will see that they are the right figures. They just don’t add up to the Total Amount Earned.

It turns there is a small programming issue that caused this. Our programmer is working on it and it should be resolved soon.

This is not a serious problem but it has slowed down the withdrawal process temporarily. We are auditing accounts as payments are being approved to be sure the amounts are correct. Because of this extra time consuming step it is taking us longer than expected to process withdrawals but we are doing our best to stick to a 24 hour window and I believe we are within that window.

We will get caught up and back on track and should be on a 12 hour payout for withdrawals soon.

Of course this extra manual task has also slowed us down a bit when it comes to approving pending purchases.  When I’m sleeping Karen is hard at it and vice versa. We are literally working around the clock and should be caught up shortly.

All of the purchases that were made on the 12th have been looked after. If your purchase has not been credited to your account please contact us through support with your details and we’ll get you looked after.

I am happy to say that ads are approved, most support tickets have been answered and generally speaking everything is going well and will only get better from here.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Have a great day,
Brian and Karen


Thursday, June 13, 2013

My account started to work :)

Hi friends!

My TrafficGoesRevShare account started to work. I purchased 4 packages this morning but they take up to 24 hours to activate the new positions. I just logged into my account to see that the packages have been placed and they are already starting to earn:
I've also added a "Log In Advertisement" which I got 4 credits for (not too many) and 4000 credits for a banner that will be shown on the website while members surf their members area.
Good news is that there is no need to surf any websites or ads in order to earn money from the shares you've purchased :)

TeamBuild for TrafficGoesRevShare

Hi again!

As I wrote in my previous post a few minutes ago I thought it might be a good idea to start a teambuild for TrafficGoesRevShare due to its 5 level referral program. It pays 5% on every level so it is a great opportunity to increase your possible earnings with every level filled. 
A team build is great to help others but without the nessesary software is is quite challenging and after reaching my 5th level quite difficult to continue as I won't have access to the data after that level. 
Anyway, if you are thinking in joining this opportunity and are willing to use my link you can simply take a chance on this team build and so help others to earn a bit more as well; the choice is up to you ;)

Check the TAP above to go to the TeamBuild Page on this blog or click here :)

Just got started with TrafficGoesRevShare

Hi there friends!

I just got started with TrafficGoesRevShare today. Seemed to me to be very similar to AdHitProfits, which is performing great, so I thought I would give it a try. 

Here is some more info about this opportunity:
Brian Downie and Karen Britt.
Brian is a teacher out of Canada and Karen is out of Australia.

This is my sponsor's message to me:

Two associates of mine, and yes I know both personally, have launched a network of Internet properties that will generate substantial revenue in the coming months.

ONE of the platforms is a revenue sharing platform that is very well thought out
with an exceptional referral program. This is one where the little guys can get on top very quickly.

Current and planned Internet properties generate revenue that fuels the revenue sharing program. Currently 3 Internet properties exist including the revenue sharing program which will launch on Wednesday.

I am giving you advanced notice to get in now before the masses find out about it.

Purchase advertising credits that can be used on websites in the network for just $5.00 get paid a share in profits in real time until you receive $7.50.  Fifty Percent of all profit generated is split with all members in real time!

Minimum purchase just $5.00- Maximum purchase just $500 virtually everyone will be maxing out their purchases in this quickly.  You are purchasing advertising that can be used on the primary platform and in the two other owned Internet properties. Advertising includes solo ads.

You can generate unlimited money from the referral program and buy additional shares as your current positions mature. This is a simple way to turn $500 into $750 over and over again!

The low threshold prevents the guys with deep pockets from flooding the system with cash and sucking the cashflow out of the deal -> This is a great feature ;).

Packages cost $5 and you can purchase a maximum of 100 of them. Once you old packages start to expire you can purchase new ones, but only up to 100; you can not have more than 100 active ad packages in your back office. This should prevent accounts from getting far too huge and taking all the money.

Expect Exceptional customer service.

The accept Solid Trust Pay and Egopay at present.

Get paid 5% per level through Five levels of referrals IF you choose to recruit!

Due to this great Referral Program I'm thinking about starting a teambuild for this program right on this blog. I'll be starting a new post for that right away ;)

let's see how this program performs!! Fingers crossed!