TGRS TeamBuild

How are we going to do the TeamBuild? 
  • Everyone who decides to join will eventually get 2 referrals - I write eventually as I cannot guarantee anything.
  • I will not ask you to send me emails to sign up: Simply post a comment here telling that you are willing to sign up and I will post the next in line link under your comment. 
  • You will have 24 hours to join and purchase at least 2 packages ($10). Free members will not be accepted.
  • Once you've joined please reply to my post so I know your username to add it to the sheet. Everyone will have access to the members sheet (link below).
If others decide to join through the link I post under a comment, that will be up to them; Only members who post and join through the next in line link will be part of this team build.

Please keep in mind that I'm not a machine and that I'm not online 24/7 so don't worry if you do not receive the link right away. I'll count 24 hours from when I post the link under your comment.

Here is the Sheet.

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