Friday, June 14, 2013

Day two in TrafficGoesRevShare

Hi there!

Today is my second day in TrafficGoesRevShare and just wanted to share with you my current account status:
I purchased four packages yesterday morning which took a few hours to get activated. Those packages started earning yesterday late afternoon and today early morning this is what I have earned for far:
Not too bad, huh? ;)

We also got an email from the TGRS admins. Here it goes:
Hello Juan,

Just 3 days out of the gate and we are already at 1000 members. Thank you to everyone for getting the word out about TGRS.

When we were processing withdrawals today we realized that there is a discrepancy in some member’s accounts. The Total Amount Earned does not reflect actual earnings. The actual amount of earnings in each account is correct. If you check your Total Profit From Shares and your Referral Bonus Earned you will see that they are the right figures. They just don’t add up to the Total Amount Earned.

It turns there is a small programming issue that caused this. Our programmer is working on it and it should be resolved soon.

This is not a serious problem but it has slowed down the withdrawal process temporarily. We are auditing accounts as payments are being approved to be sure the amounts are correct. Because of this extra time consuming step it is taking us longer than expected to process withdrawals but we are doing our best to stick to a 24 hour window and I believe we are within that window.

We will get caught up and back on track and should be on a 12 hour payout for withdrawals soon.

Of course this extra manual task has also slowed us down a bit when it comes to approving pending purchases.  When I’m sleeping Karen is hard at it and vice versa. We are literally working around the clock and should be caught up shortly.

All of the purchases that were made on the 12th have been looked after. If your purchase has not been credited to your account please contact us through support with your details and we’ll get you looked after.

I am happy to say that ads are approved, most support tickets have been answered and generally speaking everything is going well and will only get better from here.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Have a great day,
Brian and Karen


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